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free delivery for local orders above S$80

Order & Payment


  • To make a purchase, simply add item to your shopping cart and proceed to 'Checkout'.
  • All product orders along with their respective colour/size/quantity selections (where applicable) are final upon check out. Amendments to checked out orders (including duplicate orders) are strictly not allowed.
  • If your order consists of more than one product, the products may be delivered to you in separate packages at separate times.
  • Please ensure that the mailing address provided is both complete and correct. We will not be responsible for any missing parcel/s in the event that the address provided is incomplete/incorrect.


We accept the following modes of payment:

1. Bank Transfers (PayNow, Internet Banking)

2. ATM Transfers (a snapshot of receipt is strictly required; in the event that the ATM machine is unable to issue a receipt, a snapshot of the ATM’s screen is required)

3. Stripe (credit card payments are done via this option)

4. PayPal 

  • For payment via Bank transfer or ATM transfer, you are provided with a timeframe of 12 hours to make payment upon receiving the invoice via email before your order is cancelled and released. 
  • For payment via Stripe & Paypal, you are provided with a timeframe of 1 hour to make payment before your order is cancelled and released.
  • Please note that payment AND submission of your payment details have to be completed within the stipulated timeframe of 12 hours (Bank Transfer & ATM Transfer) and 1 hour (Stripe & PayPal). A reminder will be sent to you 4 hours before your payment window of 12 hours expire.

  • Once payment has been made, orders cannot be cancelled and refunded, and any requests for such will be declined.
  • Payments will be verified within 1-2 working days. Kindly provide all relevant information needed in order for us to process your order. Insufficient information provided may lead to delays in delivery, in which Lollyrouge will not be held accountable for. 
  • Please note that by adding item(s) into your cart, it does not signify you have successfully purchased the item(s). Item(s) is only secured upon confirmation of payment.

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